What an honor. Thank you so much for making our song so beautiful!
— Linni Meister
You are fabulous!
— Stian "Staysman"

Trio no Treble is a young, up and coming string trio with viola, cello and double bass, based in Trondheim! A trio without treble, only dark voices and deep sound. Can it get any better?

The trio consists of Lars Marius Hølås (viola), Eivind Rossbach Heier (cello) and Jostein Bolås Brødreskift (double bass). Trio no Treble was founded in 2017, and since the begining, they have played several successful concerts in the Trondheim-region, in Hamar, and Kristiansund. Future plans includes concert in Oslo, a Serbia tour in June 2019, and they will be the Ensemble in Residence during Toppenkurset-International Summer Academy & Festival of Music in Mosjøen.

The trio plays everything from classical music to folk music and pop music. In other words, the trio plays music in all genres and for all occasions. In 2018 they commissioned a piece by composer Trygve Brøske, supported by The Norwegian Composers’ fund .

The members of Trio no Treble are versatile musicians with regular engagements in the TrondheimSolistene and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. They all have a Bachelor's and Master's degree from NTNU Instiutt for music, and they have studied in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Trio no Treble is supported by Arts Council Norway.

Pictures are taken by Ole Wuttudal and Emma Bolås Brødreskift

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This year’s trio!
— Torodd Wigum