This year’s Christmas calendar!
This year’s trio without a violin!
This year’s summer body trio!
This year’s trio without the violin winner on social media!

This year’s trio!
— Torodd Wigum
You are fabulous!
— Stian "Staysman"
OMG you guys T O T A L L Y ROCK IT OUT!!!
— barrettarakel
What a performance! Thank you! Now people just have to get around and book you as soon as possible!
— Mads Hansen
This is really fantastic!!
— Håvard Pallin Grønning
Touching! Simply!
— Mads Hansen
So beautiful. Great with trio. You can easily hear the voices of each one.
— Elisabeth Thowsen
Wow!! Just wow!
— Fride Bakken Johansen
— Nicolay Ramm
You are incredibly skilled!
— Mads Hansen


What an honor. Thank you so much for making our song so beautiful!
— Linni Meister
Thanks for a memorable musical experience that took us on a journey trough time and space! #trionotreblerocks
— Susy
I got a lot of goosebumps when I heard you playing Gabriels obo! I recommend everyone to book you to a wedding ceremony!”
Trio no Trebles version is much better than the original!
— Erik Follestad
You are fantastic!!!
— Cecilie Steinmann Neess (CESs)
Energy, humor and music are an unbeatable combo! Thank you!
— Unni Dahl
Trio no Treble is the best!
— Torodd Wigum
Trio no Treble delivered musical gems in many genres!
— Hamar Culture house
Simply good for the soul.
— Laurits Fonn
I love you!
— Malin Lothe
I got chills! So incredibly beautiful arrangement and so beautifully presented !!
— Emma Sanson